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Green Computing: How You Can Make a Difference

What is Green Computing? Global warming and environmental change have become big issues with governments, corporations and your average Joe alike all seeking out new ways to green up their daily activities. Computers certainly make up a large part of many peoples lives and traditionally are extremely damaging to the environment, which begs the question: What is Green Computing? Green ... Read more »

Computing / Gaming Buyer's Guide

For those of you looking to console gaming on a budget, then older systems are definitely worth considering. Playstation 2s are becoming more common on the second hand market as more and more are upgrading to the vastly superior Playstation 3, as is the original XBox with owners again upgrading. Don't always expect a lot of games as many sellers will keep a lot of their games to use on their ... Read more »

Importance Of Technology Changes In Business Computing

The importance of keeping up with changes in business computing and technology can be more important over time as your business grows. As and an IT professional far too often I have seen many small businesses get way too far behind in computing technology and wonder why they should pay for the upgrades. Usually I have to explain to them the hard way that the current computers system that are over... Read more »

Computing - The Costs of Technology

Britain’s Prince William Allegedly finalized his split with fancied future queen Kate Middleton by cell phone, and it was to their cells and to Facebook that students at Virginia Tech University in the US turned to check whether friends were among the casualties in the campus shooting last year.There’s no doubt technology has revolutionized our lives. But what has it done to our ... Read more »

A New Genre in Mobile Computing - Nokia Booklet 3G

The mobile gadget world just got rocked with the stunning Windows 7-run Nokia Booklet 3G released as Nokia’s first foray into the laptop genre. After more than 25 years as a pioneering leader in the mobile phone industry, what is Nokia thinking this time? Are they tired of making mobile phones?  Stunning features for a New Genre  Announced just last week as ... Read more »

Should You Use Cloud Computing

Many technological developments are launched year after year in the computer business and with the quick speed of progress it is beneficial to study technologies that are becoming commonly popular with the passage of time. One such comparatively fresh computer related development, cloud computing, has been on the up rise for a couple of years and gives some plus points for consumers and ... Read more »

How The USB Saved Computing

Before the USB, there were several standards for connecting peripheral devices. Not only did the USB come along and offer a single solution for connecting everything from printers to digital cameras, but also offered increased speed and flexibility too. Here we give thanks to the humble USB.Considering how often we make use of the ports everyday, it's no wonder someone would ask, "How does ... Read more »

Rackspace with Cloud Computing: Hype or Help?

It's as basic a concept as shared server hosting, yet scaled up to unimaginable limits. Cloud computing is being implemented by companies large and small as a solution to anticipated growth needs. By pooling resources across the world, companies using cloud computing praise the versatility of access to a business network that gives you what you need when you need it, and nothing extra when you ... Read more »